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Fritz Swanson’s labors of love & language

"Service and gift giving are essential parts of building community. It's a special way of giving thanks by saying 'I made this for you'...  [more]

Academic adviser helped students get home from Egypt

Sofia Carlsson's experiences help her connect with students interested in languages and cultures all over the world.   [more]

Part of something bigger…

Following on the heels of a workshop called "The Secretary as a Resource Person," Lili Kivisto spent the next 20 years planning an annual event known as The Millennium Conference.  [more]

Building blocks for the Bicentennial

In honor of the university's bicentennial, apprentice cabinet maker Mike Mattila and his colleagues in Construction Services created a unique gift for U-M staff ā€” slightly more than 10,000 gifts, to be exact.  [more]

Remembering a great grandfather’s model ship-building achievements

Jack Underwood, a Michigan Medicine staff member and student in the U-M College of Engineering, shares this reflection of his great grandfather, Arthur A. Limpert.  [more]

No better place

"This is my life, my future. There is no better place to work," writes Pauleen Vanbuhler.  [more]

Best place to work. Ever.

I used to ride the university bus system. I took a lot of bus rides. In 2008, the unit I was in had a holiday gingerbread contest, so I tried my hand at making a gingerbread blue bus.  [more]

Helping a young chef thrive

A program that offers individuals with disabilities job placements at U-M is helping one young chef thrive.  [more]

Invested in healing through service, yoga and patient care

Chelsea Cendrowski is a rare breed. Nurse, yoga teacher, Ann Arbor native, grassroots philanthropist and volunteer advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  [more]

Longtime employee helps launch public art tribute

Jagdish ("Jack") Janveja, a project director in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, is using his passion for the university to help fund a public art tribute honoring the enduring work of U-M staff.   [more]