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Sleep Medicine Polar Plunge Team with Coach Harbaugh

Coworkers Denise Lassaline and Casey Cox made a plan to participate annually in the Polar Plunge that benefits Special Olympics.  [more]

Ross communications director debuts drama about parents’ wartime letters

900 letters exchanged during World War IIbetween soldier-journalist Charles Kiley and Billee Gray gave Ross School communications director David Kiley an amazing window into his parents’ courtship and their lives, both on the front lines and at home.  [more]

Professional development mentor shares passion for world travel

Janice Reuben's boat was floating amidst a pod of killer whales near Victoria Island, Vancouver, when the matriarch casually breached the surface of the water.   [more]

The Bells of Michigan

The 53 bells of the Baird Carillon in Burton Memorial Tower have been tolling the quarter-hours and making music for so long that it’s hard to imagine the campus without them. But they are only the latest in a line of Michigan bells that date to the first students and the earliest classes.  [more]

A Focus on Gratitude

"After 28 years of working here, one of my favorite passions is focusing on gratitude..." writes Mary Ceccanese, coordinator of the Office of Tax Policy Research.  [more]

Reflecting on four decades of change

I was 5 years into my career as an accountant with Financial Operations when we received our first computers.  [more]

Brothers of Band

In the 1920s, brothers Nicholas and Leonard Falcone played opposite sides of the field as rival directors of the Michigan and Michigan State marching bands.  [more]

Remembering Dean Cook

“I was looking for a hobby, and I always said if they ever built suites, I wanted to work in them. So when it happened...I gave up my seats to come indoors. You couldn’t ask for a better hobby. Everyone here bleeds blue, just like me. It never feels like work.” -Dean Cook, Event Team Suite Supervisor, Athletics Department  [more]

The Piano Man of the Cardiovascular Center

“My overall duty is to put patients first, whether it’s getting them a cup of coffee, a cup of water or playing them a song,” says UMHS Patient Services Assistant Errick Thomas. “I’ll do anything to show we’re appreciative that they chose UMHS.” “Anything” in this case means giving up his lunch break every afternoon to sit at the piano and entertain those who pass by. “That’s how I can make a difference.”  [more]

A Beautiful Thing

"Reflecting on my experiences, I value the people I worked with along the way. . . It’s a beautiful thing to have a rewarding career at U-M," writes Graham Sustainability Institute Science Outreach Manager, Elizabeth LaPorte.  [more]