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Helping a young chef thrive

A program that offers individuals with disabilities job placements at U-M is helping one young chef thrive.  [more]

Invested in healing through service, yoga and patient care

Chelsea Cendrowski is a rare breed. Nurse, yoga teacher, Ann Arbor native, grassroots philanthropist and volunteer advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  [more]

Longtime employee helps launch public art tribute

Jagdish ("Jack") Janveja, a project director in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, is using his passion for the university to help fund a public art tribute honoring the enduring work of U-M staff.   [more]

Chef looks back on U-M culinary transformation

Standing anxiously in the corner, Chef Nelson"Buzz" Cummings watches as his dish is served to 30 hungry students. They are sampling a new creation: a donut filled with chipotle chocolate and pork...  [more]

Recreating historic photo an “unbelievable experience”

I still remember the car. It was the station wagon my dad drove to and from work when he was directing the university's sesquicentennial. Returning to the same spot 50 years later to retake the photo was an unbelievable...  [more]

Campus Farm a Best-Kept Secret at the Nexus of Hopes and Dreams

The Campus Farm began in 2012 on a small plot of land near the Project Grow garden at Matthaei Botanical Gardens on Dixboro Road.  [more]

Sleep Medicine Polar Plunge Team with Coach Harbaugh

Coworkers Denise Lassaline and Casey Cox made a plan to participate annually in the Polar Plunge that benefits Special Olympics.  [more]

Ross communications director debuts drama about parents’ wartime letters

900 letters exchanged during World War IIbetween soldier-journalist Charles Kiley and Billee Gray gave Ross School communications director David Kiley an amazing window into his parents’ courtship and their lives, both on the front lines and at home.  [more]

Professional development mentor shares passion for world travel

Janice Reuben's boat was floating amidst a pod of killer whales near Victoria Island, Vancouver, when the matriarch casually breached the surface of the water.   [more]

The Bells of Michigan

The 53 bells of the Baird Carillon in Burton Memorial Tower have been tolling the quarter-hours and making music for so long that it’s hard to imagine the campus without them. But they are only the latest in a line of Michigan bells that date to the first students and the earliest classes.  [more]