• Family physician Dr. Monica Dimagno (left) and Denise Lassaline, physician assistant, share lines on the ice as well as patients. The two have been playing hockey together for several years.
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Denise Lassaline, Physician Assistant in the Michigan Medicine Sleep Medicine Clinic shared this post.

Since I began working at Michigan Medicine my Sleep Medicine Clinic, my coworker Casey Cox and I made a plan to participate in the Polar Plunge that benefits Special Olympics on a yearly basis. I first worked with this organization during my physician assistant training, when we helped perform physicals for the athletes.

As an avid recreational athlete, I thought it was a great cause. We always make a point to have a great costume for the plunge.

Our costume last year was real hit, appearing on 3 television stations and on MLive. We also managed to take a great picture with Michigan Football coach Jim Harbaugh.